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Welcome to Varbase

Here's some information for you to get started.


Flexible Content and Fields

Easily customize the structure of your content fields using Content types. Each content type can be assigned different view modes using Display suite that can be displayed using views.


Versioned Content

Manage content utilizing automatic versioning with historical edits. Compare previous version using Diff module, and get an automated log message for your changes using Revision Log Default.


Images, Videos, and Media Library

The best suite of tools to enhance the media experience in Drupal, and provide a "Media Library" using the best set of modules that includes: Entity Browser, Entity Browser Enhance(d|r), Dropzonejs for drag-n-drop uploads, Entity Embed, Focal Point Cropping, and many other customizations!

You really don't need to do anything! Just install Varbase and you'll to get the best media tools all together.


Search Engine Optimization

All of Drupal's needed on-page SEO modules preconfigured for best results. Including Metatag, Simple XML Sitemap, Redirect, Real-time SEO for Drupal (Yoast), Google Analytics, RDF, Schema.org Metatag and an enhanced markup!


Mobile Optimized Content Display, Responsive Previews, and Mobile Ready

Varbase utilizes Bootstrap UI framework! And provides a sub-theme that does a better job at handling Drupal's responsive pages and tools. We have also packaged and preconfigured several modules for you such as Responsive Theme Preview.

Added to that, Varbase comes with preconfigured responsive image styles for all media/images you'll use.


Ready View Modes

Using View Modes Inventory module that was specifically built for Varbase, we have packaged the most common view modes you'll need for almost any site.

With Varbase, you won't spend much time creating new view modes and configuring each to use a responsive image style! It comes ready for you.


The Powerful Webforms

We've packaged the powerful Webform module for Drupal 8 that provides top-notch webform tools. Build contact forms, surveys, application forms, integrate with your CRM, and gather submissions with ease!

Powerful Landing Page Builder

Using Paragraphs, you can add text with a WYSIWYG-editor, pictures, complex layouts to your pages – and change the order by dragging and dropping the content wherever you like it. Thanks to a preview mode, you get a good idea of how your page will look like in the end.

Landing pages also use Varbase Bootstrap Paragraphs that handle responsive layouts in a seamless way.


Administration Dashboard

Varbase comes with Varbase Total Control Dashboard dashboard that is built on top of Total Control Admin Dashboard module, utilizing Panels, Google Analytics Reports, and several enhanced blocks and widgets for an intuitive and flexible administration experience.


Preconfigured Rich Text Editor

Varbase Editor is packaged with Varbase to bridge the missing editor features such as LinkIt, BiDi Buttons, Embedding rich media, and also taking care of the super user to provide a nice HTML editor using ACE Code Editor.


Flexible Theme Built Using Bootstrap

Varbase comes with an enhanced flexible subtheme that extends Bootstrap theme. Visit the documentation to learn how to create your own subtheme in a very easy step!


Multilingual and Translation Tools

At Vardot we build multilingual sites all the time. That's why we've built Varbase with a suite of multilingual features and enhancements.
With Varbase, you get to choose your site's languages at install time, and it will take care of the rest of the configuration for you!


Media Hero Slider

A flexible and powerful carousel module that allows you to build an image/video hero slider, or carousels accross the your site. Varbase utilizes Slick Carousel library and module for its mobile friendliness and powerful customizations.


Security Standards

Varbase comes with top security standards for an enterprise-security level website. You will find Password Policy, Security Review, Security Kit, and Username Enumeration Prevention are installed and configured to secure your site. Honeypot is also being used to lock your forms from spam bots.